Fourth Grade Homeschool Curriculum

The four fourth grade homeschool curriculum hands-on kits are complete with everything you will need to create the learning materials, plus a binder with full instructions and lesson plans. A book containing form drawings and a collection of trickster tales is also included.

Complete Package – $134
Family Rebate: $20 Each Added Package

KIT 1 : PATTERNS & STORIES explores exciting number patterns, like magic squares, and also includes number tricks with suggestions and ideas for accompanying movement and illustration. Mix old fashioned family fun with math, using classic verses, songs, riddles and tongue twisters. Games combine fourth grade homeschool math curriculum with play, while form drawing and stories add variety and enrichment to lessons.

Kit 1 – $37
Patterns & Stories

KIT 2 : FRACTIONS uses hands-on materials and activities for a clear understanding of fraction facts and concepts. Colorful cut-ups, numbered cubes and dice, clay, and playing cards that are created for fraction-friendly games all = fractions success! Terms and rules booklets are handy and helpful for integrating the 4 processes.

Kit 2 – $37

KIT 3 : DECIMALS focuses on decimal rules and concepts, through the use of visuals and hands-on manipulatives. This homeschool math curriculum teaches all the basic decimal facts, the 4 processes and fraction-decimal conversion, using a practical, everyday approach.

Kit 3 – $29

KIT 4 : INTEGERS & ALGEBRA a large, colorful strip and number cards are used to introduce number line concepts and rules. Placement and the rules for the 4 processes are taught with positive and negative whole and mixed numbers, fractions, and decimals. A handy reference booklet defines numbers: their words and functions. A brief history of algebra, its background and basic facts, leads into a first look at algebraic rules and concepts.

Kit 4 – $37
# Line & Algebra

In the bag

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